Mental Health for Mums is so important!!
It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any time or energy to update!!It’s very difficult being a working mum finding time to do all the little things! And as much as I planned and hoped for a lovely maternity leave, I didn’t really stop. If I want to sleep, eat, and shower as well as being a working mum, then I gotta choose right?? To be honest, sometimes I jump in the car to get my daughter from school and it’s the first time Ive sat down all day, while other times, I’m jumping out of bed to get there on time! When you have a baby, time just goes in a different direction!!

So, what have I been up to?? Mostly mummying. Changing a lot of nappies, cleaning up happy messes, and folding away piles of clothes. But also, getting lots of snuggles, cuddles and kisses! I’m just smitten. My eldest is such an amazing big sister, our youngest is a living doll, and our middle girl Erika, is watching over us all from her special star, we feel her love all the time.
I’ve got exciting work projects coming. Lots of taste testing yummy recipes for The Healthy Mummy going on, which is always fun! A podcast is under way, and I LOVE to have a chat, so it’s been really exciting interviewing different people leading up to it!

One thing that I have learnt in the last 15 months since baby Sage was born is just how important looking after MY mental health as a new mum is! Hormones, lack of sleep, work pressure, and just general wife, mum and life duties can wear you down! So, I’ve been really focusing on how nourishing natural medicine can support Mum’s Mental Wellbeing. Taking herbal tonics and supplements when needed, ensuring your food intake is packed full of nutrition, and making time for yourself is VITAL if you want to feel good. Spending time with other Mums and bubs is an awesome way to replenish your soul! And we all know being active is good for us in more ways than one right?? Lucky for us, these days there are so many activities to do that cater for both mum and bub, swimming, yoga, and boot camps among them!
If you are worried about your mental health, the organisation PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) has a line you can call to get help!


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