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Hi I’m Cheree.

I’m a nutritionist/naturopath who is completely passionate about what I do!! I feel totally blessed to LOVE my job! 

So, what do I do?? Quite a diverse range of things! One on one consultations, couples and family health consultations,  ghost writing blogs and recipes, cooking workshops, school talks, and menu consultation. 

I also work for The Healthy Mummy writing recipes and providing nutrition information.

My areas of OBSESSION are all to do with families. Starting with preconception care and pregnancy support,

through to baby and children’s health, and supporting the physical and mental health of Mummas. 

I want to share my story with you so you can understand what I am all about! I am passionate about nourishing natural medicine.

My health journey is not unique, I hear my clients relay versions of it in their lives or see their children on the same path..and I am fortunate enough now to have the skills to help!

As a kid I wanted nothing more than  to be a famous singer. Throughout school, and for a good time after, my whole world was music. However, I felt I needed to be a bit more productive and less rock starish, so I tried to enroll in a nutrition course.. It was a bit of a muddle, and I was sent to the wrong course and stumbled into commercial cookery. Turns out, I was a pretty good chef, and really loved it, but like most chefs, I worked too hard and looked after myself too little, and my health declined. So I turned to natural medicine and it helped. I once again wanted to learn more about nourishing foods so I enrolled in Nutritional Medicine.

During my studies, I got married, renovated a very old house, lived in a caravan, renovated another old house, had a baby, worked multiple jobs, sang in a duo, and eventually, graduated with three Advanced Diplomas: Nutritional Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, and Naturopathy.

My personal journey has directed my focus of studies on pregnancy, fertility, gut health, allergies, babies and children, weight loss and I have done many extra seminars, webinars, and courses to upgrade my skills and knowledge. My love of learning, means I will continue to do this as there is always a course that I want to do. (just ask my husband!!)

I love helping people on their path to become parents,  assist in the transition to motherhood, and feel real joy helping people have a breakthrough with chronic illness!

I am fortunate to have many different pies to poke my fingers into and really enjoy what I do!

Teaching is something I love to do, and have been a nutrition trainer at WEA Academy Of Complementary Health, as well as presenting lots of workshops and talks. If I am passionate about something, I love to share what I have learned.

So, if you want to get in touch with me abut working with me email