One of my fave things to do is inspire kids to eat healthy. I recently presented¬† a workshop called Eat A Rainbow, where we have fun with colourful foods and open up the conversation around healthy eating. With kids, you don’t have to dumb it down, they are little sponges, and will store all the info we give them! So, talk in their language, make healthy food fun, and give them skills they can use for life..

Red foods- tomatoes, strawberries, capsicum.. Are high in vitamin C. They boost your immunity so you don’t get sick as much.

Yellow foods- lemons, bananas.. are packed full of electrolytes. which keeps us feeling balanced.

Pink foods- watermelon, guava, and pick grapefruit are great for our hearts and our memories.

Green foods- broccoli, kale, spinach, peas. Are full of magnesium and folate. We need these to perform every function that we do!!

Purple foods- cabbage, eggplant. packed full of antioxidants. Keeps our skin young, and our brains working well.

Orange Foods- Carrot, mango, mandarin. Good for our eyes and if we get sick will have us better faster.

Blue foods- blueberries, grapes. Full of Anthocyanins, which may prevent cancer and are great brain foods.


Have fun!!

XXX Cheree