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I’m so excited to offer the Maternal Instincts programs to you!
For the last few years I’ve been focusing on my family and learning as much as I could to help my journey. I’ve done so many webinars/seminars/courses all about infertility, pregnancy care, post partum healing, natural paediatrics and anything related to the above!
I’ve been planning lots of different ways that I can share my passion for preconception, pregnancy and post partum care. I feel these packages are the perfect way to support women as they work towards that exciting and scary thing that is motherhood!!
I’ve thrown myself whole heartedly into the world of motherhood and supporting women to become Mothers is what I’m meant to do! I’m so in love with my job and it’s an honour to assist couples find their missing pieces in the puzzle of their fertility journey. I find it so rewarding to see the beautiful baby photos and then to travel the next part of the journey to help you find your feet as new parents, and support your babies health!

It hasn’t been an easy path for me to walk, but I’m here to say it can be done!
Let me hold your hand while you find your way..

The packages are:
$300 Kick-starter Fertility Package
1 x 60 min consultation and a 6 week program delivered via email.

Complex Fertility Package
$200 per month for as long as you want or as long as it takes
Includes 60min consultations every month, 3 month program delivered via email with recipes, assessments and test result interpretation, personalised herbal prescription and treatment protocol

$200 Basic Pregnancy Care Pack
1 x consultation per trimester assessing your changing needs and symptoms. Personalised treatment protocol.

$380 Premium Pregnancy Care Package
2x consultations per trimester (6 in total) assessing your changing needs and symptoms. Personalised treatment protocol.

$800 The Ultimate Pregnancy Care Package
2 x consultations per trimester (6 in total) assessing your changing needs and symptoms. Personalised treatment protocol, SOS consults/ongoing support, birth planning session

$120 Birth Planning Session (60 min)
Along with your birthing partner, learn how to use natural medicine to enhance your birth and first week post partum.

$350 New Mum and Baby Care Pack
1x session during last trimester to plan post partum fourth trimester using natural medicines to enhance healing and support breastfeeding;
1 x SOS session in first 2 weeks post partum
1 x session @ 6 weeks post partum to support maternal health/ baby health
1 x session @ 4 months post partum for first foods planning.
(4 sessions in total)

$120 Baby and Infant Vaccine Support Session (60min)
Support for your planned vaccine schedule using safe and effective natural medicine.

These costs do not include prescribed herbal or nutritional medicine.

I’m so excited to be able to offer these programs and really look forward to supporting you meet your parenthood goals!