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Incredible Family Health Products

This store has had a few changes! I’ll still be uploading ebooks and programs, but I’ve decided to change the way I supply you the awesome products and instead will give you access to MY supplier as a client customer. I just need you to send me your Email and phone number and you’ll be hooked up with over 300 natural health brands through Oborne Prescribe. 

WHY have I chosen to do this?

SUSTAINABILITY – By cutting out extra postage from their warehouse to my office before the products get sent to you, we will be reducing packaging, fuel and resources. 

TIME- The time I can spend with my family instead of checking if I need to post something will make my family life more balanced- I hope you understand and support this decision! 

CHOICE- By giving you access to the ENTIRE collection of retail brands that are available through Oborne prescribe, I allow you to choose your own products based on your budget and needs. What I have found in the past, is that I curated wonderful packages, however, got feedback that perhaps a different brand of tea was preferred, or that you may have one part of the pack already… This way, I’ll provide my shopping list recommendations as downloads and you can decide what suits your families needs. 

If you want to get access to Oborne prescribe, email me your name, email address, and phone number with the title Prescribe access, and I’ll add you in asap! 

Check out my shopping list guides as they contain my favourite, hand picked products for you to peruse. I use all of these at our house and regularly recommend to my clients. I hope you enjoy them with your family too!