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Tonight I had the privilege of hosting a workshop on Preparing for Pregnancy. I wanted to share how I help couples plan to prepare to conceive..

Preparing for Pregnancy with naturopathic care begins at least 3-4months PRIOR to trying to conceive.  This is to support egg and sperm development.
For couples with chronic illnesses and allergies, you may be looking at 9-12months preparation. The aim of the game is to get into the best shape you both can be, so at the time your DNA meets and creates a new being, it is getting THE BEST of both of you.
I also look into  what may be limiting your chances of conceiving…. things like your toxin exposure in your environment, foods, home cleaning, and personal care products.
We look at hormones, weight, activity, diet and nutrition, genes, stress, relaxation,
emotions, and mindfulness. Testing can be utilised to pinpoint roadblocks on your journey to parenthood. Through that, we can really target areas that need extra focus.

The best thing about naturopathic support in planning for pregnancy is that it is individualised, and treatment plans are recommended based on YOUR needs. This may include tweaks to diet, utilising nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, changing habits, learning to relax, and reducing stresses.

I love nourishing natural medicine, and I love how wonderful it can be to support couples to become parents! If you are trying to conceive or considering having a baby, consider naturopathic support..

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