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Ever had a wake up call and thought “something has to change”, but then you have no idea what to change, or how?? Perhaps you think everything needs an overhaul, but it is so overwhelming it is easier to stay where you are than even try.. I have been there, I understand.

That is where I come in. I have the tools. I learned that I needed them the hard way, and then once I found them, I used them to the best of my ability to get the change I needed.. and continue to use them everyday to continue to my goals…

What I want you to do is to think about what your goals are.. most people come to see me for health reasons that need change.. Be it weight loss, pain relief, mood improvement, hormone balancing, gut health, preparing for a baby, or nurturing the children they have.. Narrow your goals down to the top three.

Next step is to think about how to achieve these goals.. This is where some people come unstuck, and think it is too hard.. Break it down into achievable steps. Your journey to health will be different to mine, different to your friend, different to your neighbour. It will be unique to you, and so too, will be the tools you need to help you achieve your goals. Listening to what helped your friend may help you find inspiration to change, but doing what they did, may not work.. One size does not fit all.

Let’s take a peak in my tool box:

  • The customiser.. This is the ability to look at your unique situation and come up with a plan to suit your needs and goals.
  • The empowerer…It gives you the confidence in your own ability to heal and encourages self belief.
  • Flexibility. Compassion. Dedication. Accountability.
  • Tests and assessments. Narrows down the focus of our intentions and gives us goal posts to aim for..
  • BUT, the best tool I have is the tweaking tool.. It just changes one simple thing at a time and makes them stick..One simple step at a time.

What is not in my toolbox:

  • Complete overhauls are not in my toolbox. I don’t believe that an all or nothing approach works, so I don’t encourage it.
  • Rigid rules. I want you to feel good about your journey. I want to set you up to succeed, and rigid rules set people up to fail..
  • Guesswork…. I don’t feel comfortable with the “let’s just see what happens” approach, so I do not use it!

Ok, after all those words, what I actually do to help, is to use nourishing natural medicine. I will tweak your diet or suggest nutritional supplements, use herbal medicine (custom tonics), I look at the current research and I look at traditional natural medicine, then I let you decide which tools suit you best..

So, if you need tools for change, let me show you where to find them!

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