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Last week was World Breastfeeding Week, and I wanted to share with you how busy I got celebrating all things breast milk!

I am a big fan of breast milk… and encourage all women to breastfeed. In fact, a step I am taking to help this, is to begin a facilitated mums group.. By “building our village“, it will help improve our breastfeeding skills and enhance social acceptance for this natural instinctual thing we call mothering!!

So, back to the breast milk party!!

Last night I did a facebook live session on the Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Support page, it was a lot of fun and we talked all things breastfeeding..

I dug up some crazy facts about breast milk! Like, did you know you can even make jewellery out of it?? They are super beautiful!!

Breastfeeding has a protective mechanism against postpartum depression!! We just need to support women who feel anxious about breastfeeding to help them “get the hang of it”!!

The statistics I found about breastfeeding and working were a bit saddening.. Most women who go back to work before baby is 6months old stop breastfeeding.. Support in the workplace is essential if we are to continue giving our bubs the benefit or breast milk while earning an income..You can find some tips here!

As for common struggles when breastfeeding, I get it. I really do.. You name the issue, I probably worked to overcome it.. And there-in lies why I made it until my daughter was two, because it was hard work, but through perseverance and asking for help, I got the hang of it, and reached my goal!!

So, Happy Breastfeeding all you Mumma’s.. Well done for learning this skill, and nourishing those beautiful bubba’s!!

XXX Cheree