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This is a busy world. No doubt about it. We are all caught up in our little bubbles of business that we create. Sometimes, life bursts the bubble for us, and we are left bewildered, wondering how, why, HUH?? This recently happened to me. A massive wake up call. The worst pain and shock of my life. And through my grief, I have realised I don’t look after myself ENOUGH.. Not nearly enough. When speaking to my clients, neither do they.. This is when that bitch stress creeps in and takes over. Stress can be such an in-built part of your life, you don’t even notice her there, but she is not only holding your hand, but she is ramming you from behind up a hill on broken glass, in a lava storm.. and for some reason, you think you like it.. Cos you don’t know any different..but if you tell stress to nick off and leave you alone, life can be limitless.

So, I am not airy fairy take time for meditation type of girl, but I practice because it helps calm my soul, and maybe you should try too.. I was never a smell the roses person, but now, I deeply inhale and enjoy the aroma..and this practice of being present is changing the way I relate to not only me, but the entire world around me..

Time for yourself is important. Not only for you. To help you relax, enjoy life, appreciate beauty, have treats because you deserve it. Time for yourself is also important to those around you. You will be a better mother, wife, friend, boss, or employee after you have felt self love and pampering..

So today, tomorrow, and the day after, do something for yourself. Enjoy your own company, even if just for five minutes in the sun whilst sipping on a nice cuppa tea…