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MTHFR… it sounds like a swear word if you try to say it as a word!! You pronounce it by reading the letters separately : M T H F R

It’s an enzyme that is part of our folate metabolism, and it converts dietary folate to the form the body then uses: Methyl-folate.

If we have a variation of the gene that controls this enzyme, it can slow down its efficiency. I have two copies of one of the genes and that means my enzyme is instructed to slow down and only works at 30% efficiency.

So, it means different things to different people.. The implications are HUGE!! As it is involved in our folate cycle, and this impacts other processes in the body that can result in affecting our neurotransmitters, and detoxification.(and there is more!)

MTHFR Signs and Symptoms of methylation dysfunction

As you can see, it is huge! If you have a family history of any of these, it is worth considering that this gene should be assessed and preventative medicine put in place!

Nutritionally this means supporting the function of this gene and it includes B vitamins, zinc, and magnesium. Fortunately now in Australia we have some amazing practitioner products to prescribe and support these processes if they are out of whack!

But look at diet first.. Include green leafys, lots of colourful vegies and fruits. Nuts, seeds, wholegrains, and most important for this gene is MEAT.. Grass fed, organic meat. With the fats. This will give us the zinc, iron and B12 we need!

So, this is been a totally basic overview of MTHFR.. I hope you know a bit more about it, and can explore more if you feel its relevant to you..

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XXX Cheree